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I’ve been even more obsessed with Jenny Owen Youngs than usual, so I decided to cover “Last Person” from Transmitter Failure. The guitar work on this is pretty sloppy, but enjoy anyway!

I covered The Menzingers… again.

Gates (Menzingers Cover)

39 plays

I haven’t done a cover in a while, and figured I’d do another Menzingers one since I’m currently obsessed with them.

Sun Hotel (Menzingers Cover) 

100 plays

I haven’t done a cover in a long time, so of course here is an Against Me! Cover.

FuckMyLife666-Against Me! 

30 plays

I haven’t posted a song in a looonnng time so here’s a quick cover.

Masked Intruder- Unrequited Love

9 plays

Had to do it.

Sink, Florida, Sink- Against Me! cover. 

0 plays

You guys I saw Laura and the Cans on Tuesday and oh my god she’s so sweet and nice and has the most perfect voice and I talked to Alex and he is adorable too. So I did a cover. 

Master of Art-Laura Stevenson and the Cans

0 plays

SO I covered this a long time ago but it’s like, everyone was covering this song so I never posted it, but it’s been long enough now, right?

I Will Follow You Into the Dark

0 plays

I’ve been obsessed with this song from the moment I heard it. So I covered it.

Somebody I used to know- Gotye ft. Kimbra

30 plays

Haven’t posted a cover in a long time!

Here’s “Carpetbaggers” by Jenny Lewis, ft. Elvis Costello

30 plays
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