Kristen Stewart in ‘Just One Of The Guys’ by Jenny Lewis (x)

im dying

dead already

So in love with Jenny Lewis forever.


That’s right, folks! It’s another Tumblebats/Tumblrbats contest, this time with help from the cool dudes at Toddland!

So let’s lay down the rules!

  1. Reblog and like to enter! Feel free to reblog as much as you want, but just know that only one reblog is going to show up on our notes.
  2. We’ll pick a randomly selected winner on 7/20!
  3. No reblogging for contests only blogs
  4. Following us isn’t necessary, but we sure would appreciate it!

The prizes offered are as follows, one winner takes all!

  1. Some amazing Aquabats stickers by Jex!
  2. Some awesome Aquabats wristguards by Jex!
  3. Some custom stickers that I’ll draw, and Jexis will make! 
  4. An amazing plush by Jett!
  5. A $25 credit for Toddland merch!

Good luck, everybody!

best genres of x files episodes


  • alien bug
  • small town w/ a secret
  • teen
  • evil technology
  • rly unsettling dark comedy
  • mysterious person who has powers

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Only I would have a sex dream that turns into a stress dream because the sexytimes make me late for work.

I did find at least one gem though…

I did find at least one gem though…

So my dude really likes Brooks Brothers and his birthday is soon, so I was looking at their website and… W t f

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